Steam Path - Consulting Services

Steampath Consulting Services

Supervise & Overhaul Steam Turbines to 3000 HP. Have over 30 years steam turbine experience. Manage the entire project from shut down, trouble shooting, repair and rebuild to installation and start up.

If your operation does not have personnel experienced with steam turbines, our technical consultants are able to help you and your staff:

  • get the turbine back online quickly;
  • reduce costs by combining our experience with your staff.

Our services include consulting and supervision of:

  • Removal, disassembly, evaluation, rebuild recommendations;
  • Repair;
  • Technical Support;
  • Diaphragm Repair;
  • Re-Rating Steam Turbines;
  • Bucket or Blade Changing.
  • The Consulting Process

Phase 1 – Inspect and Verify Condition of Machinery

  • Disassembly, full and complete inspection;
  • Create inspection report
  • Prepare a budget for repairs.

Phase 2 – Supervise the Repair and Rebuild

  • Prepare a list of parts to be replaced and reused;
  • Supply and source new or reverse engineer parts as necessary;
  • Source repairs and machining;
  • Inspect and verify quality of all materials, parts and repairs;
  • Provide full installation support including the complete testing and commissioning.

Phase 3 – Repair Report: provide full documentation of all findings including:

  • Tolerances found upon inspection and after repair;
  • Drawings, sketches and photos;
  • Copies of the repair budget; and
  • A final status report on the condition of the machinery.